Polluted – Natural ©
This sensorial show has an environmental purpose to contribute with the awareness of starting to take care of the natural resources in our planet. It was first released on the summer of 1997 as part of the Scout week at Naucalpan, Estado de México.As part of our strategy of sensibilization, it is very important to use our senses as bridges towards the transformation of concepts, in this specific case, the concepts “Natural-Polluted”. The sensorial traveler will experiment an atmosphere with referents of human recklessness towards Nature, (noise, trash, wastes, plastic, etc.) The second stage is the opposite atmosphere, harmony, nature, plants, birds; water… in the third stage, the sensorial traveler will be confronted with the decision of his action, which one of these two realities will prevail?
Specially aimed to children and youngsters, this activity works just fine on ecological campaigns and environmental education programs.
Time: 35 minutes

Things that only the dead know ©
Multisensorial experience, inspired on the Elizabeth, kübler-Ross texts, on Tibethan texts by Alexandra David-Neel y and personal experiences.
It is a journey by the different steps towards death and reborn. Acknowledge the things that only by being dead could be known. Expecting Death to invite the sensorial travellers to Live.
This sensorial show was released on November ’99, having a successful season ‘til October 2001. It was re-released on May ’03, on the current Sensorama headquarters.
Author. Héctor Fernández
Directin: Demian Lerma and Héctor Fernández
Music: Demian Lerma
Lighting: Roque Aguirre
Actors: Amerika Moreschi, Lya Morgana, Daniel Gómez, Cynthia Lerma, Alberto Trujillo, Jennifer Morales, Fernando Silva
Production: Sensorama
Time: 70 minutes

Emotions ©
Surround yourself by childhood… embrace yourself with nostalgia… lie down on your own shelter… sit in your intellect… emerge within serenity…
Sensorial show where the participant submerges in a journey of different human emotions… aromas, sounds, flavours, textures… This show was released for the first time on spring 2001.
Original Ideal: Héctor Fernández
Sensorial script: Demian Lerma, Héctor Fernández and Sensoguides
Sonic canvas: Demian Lerma
Production: Sens